Twisted Epiphanies

Sudden revelations and insights, with a twist

Twisted Epiphanies

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Monday, 19 September 2022

13:00-14:00 PT
Season 10, Episode 08

Re-Imagined Radio presents twenty short radio stories written and voiced by folks living in America's Pacific Northwest. Each story features an "epiphany," a sudden, unexpected revelation or insight. Especially with regard to four questions we often ask ourselves: "Who Am I?", "Where Am I Going?", "So What?", and "Why?" The responses are entertaining and insightful. Sometimes uncomfortable. "Twisted" from expectations. But each is an excellent, thought-provoking story about human experience. We hope you enjoy this episode of Re-Imagined Radio, "Twisted Epiphanies."

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Twenty short radio stories from several local writers, sound artists, and voice actors in this order . . .

"Tiffany Epiphany" written and voiced by Jodi Lorimer
Details the origins of the word epiphany and suggests changes in human graciousness and manners make it more difficult, and sometimes dangerous, to see and appreciate momentary translucent connectivity (epiphanies) as a desired human attribute.

Who Am I?
"Dark Energy" written and voiced by Jodi Lorimer
Suggests the potential for epiphanies are curtailed, if not destroyed, by the same forces that create them.

"Atom and Eve" written by Laurence Overmire and voiced by Zoe Nelson
Explores the idea that we may be only holograms of our spiritual selves. Figments of a greater imagination.

"The Helix" written by Laurence Overmire and voiced by Zoe Nelson
A sobering epiphany: that we are predestined to suffer the world, rather than live freely.

Where Am I Going?
"Domino" written by Jerrel McQuen and voiced by Shannon Day and Eric Newsome
Suggests that possibilities are always fluttering just below consciousness and perhaps are often crushed by the weight of new revelations or insights.

"Birth" written and voiced by Scott Campbell
Suggests that life repeats itself. We keep playing the same roles over and over. Until we arrive at the edge of the great plunge, called "Birth."

"Detour" written and voiced by Kimberly Johnston
How about life as a detour to a unknown destination? Different from what we expect, a journey.

"The Float" written by Devin James and voiced by Jeff Pollard
We often linger on indecision. To assure ourselves that we are making the right decisions. This way? Or that? The red pill? Or blue? Until we decide both are possibilities.

"The Locks" written and voiced by Devin James
Every indecision is a lock. We accumulate many. Eventually they hold us back.

So What?
"1 4 U from the Twilight Zone" written by Laurence Overmire and voiced by Zoe Nelson
As they say, the value of human life is something to consider.

"Report from X Star 10" written by Laurence Overmire and voiced by Lev Leiberman
Human blind ambition and hubris often lead to the belief that all of Earth is for unrestrained human exploitation.

"Contagion" written and voiced by Jodi Lorimer
A recognizable theme explored in science fiction books and films as projections, possibilities. Here, it's an insight.

"Fibre" written by Laurence Overmire and voiced by Nancy MacDonald
Connections among actual lived experiences for many human cultures, past and present.

"The Iranian Girl" written by Laurence Overmire and voiced by Ninene Pagliano
She lived. Had dreams for her life. But was vaporized in a rocket attack. Collateral damage. Does anyone remember her? Does anyone care? So what?

"John The Heathen" written and voiced by Jeff Pollard
Words. Poetry. Songs. Epiphanies. So what? Do they mean anything? It depends.

"News Worthy" written by Laurence Overmire and voiced by Nancy Monson
Responds to news pundits with nothing to say.

"Techno Man" written by Laurence Overmire and voiced by Marc Rose
Considers that many of us spend good portions of our lives online. Digital portals and interfaces substitute for face-to-face interaction.

"The Moon Is Leaving" written and voiced by Bob Sterry
A story about unexpected consequences of so much hate in our lives.

"The Politics of Trees" written by Laurence Overmire and voiced by Zoe Nelson
Beyond the spectacle of human charades and attention-seeking pantomimes, there are trees.

"Why?" written and voiced by Cynthia McGean


Curated, Produced, and Hosted by John F. Barber
Sound Design and Music Composition by Marc Rose of Fuse
Social Media by Regina Carol Social Media Management
Promotional Graphics by Kathy Klaus


Re-Imagined Radio originates from KXRW-FM, Vancouver, Washington, and KXRY-FM, Portland, Oregon. We thank both these community radio stations for their support.

Epiphanies. Those momentary, unexpected, unexplainable flashes of revelation or insight. Inspiration blooming. Perspective changing. World shifting. Life changing.

For this episode we asked writers and voice actors here in America's Pacific Northwest to consider epiphanies addressing the essential question of humankind: "Who Am I?", "Where Am I Going?", "So What?", and "Why?"

Their responses were insightful. And sometimes disturbing with their unexpected twists. Hence, our episode title: "Twisted Epiphanies."

It's a privilege to feature these radio stories. Thanks to their writers and voice actors.



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